Landing Heart in Spirit be Sold

Welcome Jewel! To my Landing Heart

Not to sound like an Indian Tribe, not really to sound at all. But to say welcome and if you are in need of someone else to do your:

  • Nothing?
  • Everything?

This is the perfect stop. Oh, by the way nothing is perfect. I hope you know that. It is always better for your life. On this site, the content will be a little off-topic, whatever the topic is. To keep the focus right between life and death.

I sell my stories or whatever it is, me or you, time, or a frame, for the love in it. Not to be a fool by the seconds where everything is possible but not now.

I believe in war and love and miracles. To learn to control the power to create it. With time for or against us and who we are, as long as we live.

Dynamics behind who we are between art and psychopathy to write it into a brighter day. Where there is hope in everything. Once it crosses the river bridges.

If something resonates with you, leave a comment. If it makes you think or wonder or you have something to add, great. If not, keep going! Love is everywhere.

Latest Made Scopes for the Fine Wine

Paradox of Fear

The logic in awareness is that it is closer to the time before we are born and no one fights that ― that presence without knowing Not anyone. If it was something on a regular basis. We could call it an ideal world, but the world as it is. Is already our ideal world. We…

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Not like a Monkey

Not because he has a purpose but because it is so and if it wasn’t he wouldn’t be one It’s not the confidence of a monkey. Or the purpose of a giraffe- but that’s closer to it. Confidence of a human is because we have received something and we know it to be true. Confidence…

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Conquer the Impossible

He connects them to a higher purpose, which we all die from not having From not having it clear. That we are and that we die. You being here is the same as you not being here. It’s a paradox. For you not to question being here, but why it takes you to be here….

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Time once Again

Art the love and the paradox of time It is not what we know but what we don’t know. Time and love are neutrals. I paint the war and it is the love we didn’t know. I go to war and in it is the time we didn’t know. Time is reality and love is…

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Faster than Life

The truth is what you know because of what you have seen and if you connect it to the depths of beauty… I saw a movie once where the people in the room were to say what was hidden inside of some lockets. To see who was psychic or something… I thought it was quite…

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The Girl beyond Dreams

Her name was big as the eyes that called her Fearless. Fearless she chased the world as she could. Do good. It was the fearless in her. Beyond time. For believing in what she saw. Until the world didn’t believe in her. Temporary she was sick, not unaffected by the world, but temporary out of…

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because it is a problem no wasting the argue and a problem if we can not make it seen. To make us closer to the distance of love