Between our minds, we can change the world by the beauty if we couldn’t change it by the horror

Flower rocks the beauty
Flower Rocks the Beauty

I found this time and it was my life. Now I’m wondering what it is about. I see these people and they have no soul reflecting back at them. Its death, at the right time it is said. Doesn’t it come with a little subscription, that says that? It’s the right time for you.

What I love in a time, where love is not enough. I hide.

I never really feel guilty, time is time. But I did. Only to become just like you, dead. And I shouldn’t. I was once just like you. I had no mind to call my own. It’s the wasted crimes.

You had my hair and It made me a slighter piece of happy.

I thought I should pay you for that. The love I see reflected in you ― that you don’t feel. It means my love can not help you, through the length of your time.

What is your prison is not mine, but the prison is the same, what money would be the only right to give you. For the wounds, time can not heal. Money for the thrill and it will. Past the time of history, we are at.

Quite funny, if we could see it.

It’s a color and we don’t know it. The broken lines that death makes us. Invisible between us and still we have to get it. Some time.

I don’t have the money and I don’t have your time. It made me a slighter piece of happy.

The wheels keep spinning though on the other side of love. With you on it.

While I hide among the stars, where there is a heaven and not on earth. Where you are, but I love you.