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He connects them to a higher purpose, which we all die from not having

From not having it clear. That we are and that we die.

You being here is the same as you not being here. It’s a paradox. For you not to question being here, but why it takes you to be here.

It’s a mighty high task you say? Like going to rehab because it’s a need, but there is no need to ever getting out from there. That is sometimes the world and sometimes we get stuck in the world.

In the stories not working for us, tv shows we can not choose or commercials we don’t like. But we used to when we saw it as life and now it’s just people thinking and wanting for us.

In a crappy world, there might not be rehab for? Then he says it again. In order to become who you are you have to conquer who you are?

There’s no evidence for that- at least not from the surface… and if I go under the surface and swallow around in my pool. I just don’t think I get it.

Connected to a higher purpose?

What does it mean? I not only see this world and that is the goal that makes me keep reaching for the impossible?

There is a purpose and we can believe in what we don’t see and because of that, we do what it takes? But then we have to know what we want?

To make us do better in this world and live better.

Because something else believes we are, but how do we know? Because it connects us to something new or a dream and in dreams we are.

If no one is, nothing can connect us. To become what isn’t and we die in a world that never was.

We go for the extremes

We go for the extremes as it is easier to see from there. Where people are at war with the world, even today as we know.

From war countries, we can be told by the world to stay in the war and solve it there. Like it is possible. When the concept of war is impossible. Because of the wrong fight in it.

I don’t know who war tries to conquer, but it must be someone totally unknown to all of us.

If we have to stay and live in war. War is kind of an ideal world and as we live in an ideal world. We are wrong to leave.

Maybe we want to be right because we believe it is the same power as a higher purpose. To die for what you don’t believe in.

The small parts of cosmos

To be no longer. Everyone wants to be who they are.

Not to confuse it with time though. We feel the world through what we don’t like and it makes us feel smaller, instantly.

We want to be who we are right now, but if who we are doesn’t feel good. We still want to be it. If who we are is smaller, that’s who we want to be. It has never stopped the world from not going under before.

The question is, is it a part of a dream? and if it is not. It’s not who we are.

Maybe we think we have lost the dream, but it is always right here. In most countries, in most people. In what we still can not see.

But maybe we can and it is the end of who we are not.

To do right by who? and who are we to do right?

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