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From dreams, I can know I am and to know who I am lives forever in the stories only time can tell”

A psychopath is criticized for being. Over and over again and again. Whatever it is about it wasn’t life.

To make sure all criticism is constructive and for life as something that happens now.

Criticism in itself is a way of diminishing who we are in the moment. 

To make us better in the future. 

If that is really something we can do? To be greater than we are?


To question what progress is if it is not from love? If you love me I know what to do. In a way. Because I love you too.

High or low whatever love is about. It tends to be personal where time is not.

Love is not something we need, it is something we have.

Even love can be taken from us if we believe we don’t have it. If I know you don’t believe, I can get whatever I want from you. Just because I know times better than you do.

I wouldn’t be me if I knew my knowledge was a waste of the few. But I don’t think about it. All I think about is when I get it.

I advise people a lot too. In things they already know. I love it, because of how they look at me. As if it was something new.

When it’s just a steal and I take it from them. I can not stop, I can take so much they even want to kill themselves. For all the things they don’t know. In my advice I ignore them.

I do that, it is not in my will. It just happens. I wish I understood it, but I don’t. So what else can I do? Any suggestions? By the way, I don’t take advice from other people.

I’m here to learn but not as much as I want to die for it. I guess all people are like me.


I met one guy once though, that wasn’t but he killed himself. It wasn’t my fault, I just heard about it.

I can tell you about it though. From the time I met him. It was kind of brief as everything about me is.

I thought he was too and at the moment I was thinking, someone else can play me for the moment. I didn’t care to be somebody.

To my surprise, it wasn’t my death and I really learned something. What did I learn?

He said thank you and I hadn’t done anything. He said it was really helpful to him at this moment in his life. Not being criticized. It made him want to do more for all the things he had just realized.

Well, I don’t go around telling people to love, I take it if I want it. This day I didn’t care. I don’t believe in love. I just need it.

It’s a misconception I have if I knew better… and I make people believe they don’t have it. Same as me. But I really don’t have it, so I have nothing to lose.

Why do people think there be any reason for me to care what they think about me? Of course, because they don’t know me or no one similar to me and they believe in love.

Even when it doesn’t exist. At least not right now, when I actually am hungry. And that’s love to me.

Anyway. He was like me even though he wasn’t. You see, people always gave him the wrong things. He died from or for it, I don’t know. In that way, he was nothing like me.

I think it is my right to take what’s mine. I can’t take a house, but I have a box and inside there I always have food. I have some nice things too. But there’s only me. I know what people like.

If I were to find a decent job, it wouldn’t work, because it’s like even if I’m not home. It’s still there. I see it in their eyes as they don’t know what they are looking at as they can’t see it. It’s weird.

It’s my steal to be an advisor. In brief seconds I talk to people and they give me something and we move on. Without a thought. I go home happy.

I actually asked him if he wanted to look at something and I showed him where I lived. I don’t know why, maybe because I knew, he didn’t have it in him to have any outrageous expressions. Like me.

He had been looking for something like this.

He told me all his life he had gotten advice from other people. I knew he didn’t mean to say that to me. We were not the same. Other people mean well- I don’t.

He didn’t say it out loud either. I was about to go insane. I actually listened to him.

What I heard was also that my whole life was worthless. I heard it because his life had not been.

He talked from a place I knew only to steal.

It was almost too much, but since he wasn’t like the other people and didn’t point at me. I took it.

I was about to Learn

It was outrageous- to be learning something, but here is what I learned.

I remember some people know from what they love being who they are. No advice is needed. It progresses on its own. From a world beyond fragments of its time.

I felt that time to be about me. I felt the pain. It was almost too much.

My last advice would be, as I took my life too, after hearing about it.

Is to know who the others are and not just the world.

It hit me, his life and my suicide would be better than his. It had worth. In the sense that my life had not. But to him. It was too much.

I was not a nice person. In my spare time, I gave people what they didn’t need and I was a thief, sometimes worse.

He didn’t know that, he assumed I had a heart and how easy it can be done. If it is right…

It’s not you, there is only one like me and if I hadn’t met him and he still wanted to live. Of course, I would be here too. It’s a paradox I can not explain.

Maybe I learned all I came here to know for being who I am.

I can say now, I know love, but I can not say I can live it or that much I know.

So I said thank you for myself too and I have to add I really loved the times and I don’t quite get it. Why? did he have to do it?

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