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What is Existential guilt and what does it lead to?

I think it exists through all kinds of things going wrong. The lead behind everything going wrong. 

Something we can not see now and therefore it is not easy to see or change. Something made us see the world we are now creating. Headed for a no better time. If we saw nothing new.

The thing about the new isn’t that everything else is good or bad. It is that it will lead the interest in life. It might be harder to see in what is already working.

Like the walls are buildt for us, but the new is something we have to find and fill it with. Nothing inside the walls will last unless we change it.

We can sustain, but the outcome might not be what we see it from.

The power of the inside and who we are will lead whether it does or not, and we better find ways to follow it. That is the good side of any side.

Existential guilt

It comes through how we can not but doubt other people, how they can not but doubt us. Because the unseen is within us. Where there is no power.

Where there is no knowing reality for sure ― where it all happened was a different time. And because we don’t have the psychology to recognize the truth. So we live in a time hardly good enough for any time to go wrong. 

But we can learn.

Either we have to learn, or we have to make sure wrong never happens ― or the world will be in for a hell of a time anyway. 

I mean if we want to change the outcomes in a world we think of as horrible. We have to learn to recognize the truth. I don’t think that is easy, but I think it is a two-sided concept.

Were both sides are wrong and both sides are right. When we fight each other we either fight the wrong side or the side in which we are not the same. Because we are different in the sense we can know it ― because we fight.

We are supposed to be different, but not that different. It will never make us unique ― not today. Just remembered and who knows what it means?

Put on the glasses to the good side

It might just mean, we need our eyes to the future to be on. Something we can rely on. Something that works against evil. If we are many enough people to do so. That is what we are up against- saving lives. 

Teach us what we don’t need and this world is fast forward and hopeless by any means.

If there is one thing evil is aware of it is the power of people. Why? because it was created without it. What good people take for granted until they lose it too. We are no different than time, place, and evolution. Evil is because of a time and unconnected to belonging in this world, through love. The power of trusting in love is gone but not forgotten.

Case the chase anyway

Anyway. If someone calls you out and says it is you. Not in any extreme way. Just that it is you. You are the evil part of life. How can you know that you are not? and if you can’t it will become you ― the intention to open something known to be unknown by you.

You might know then and there, that it isn’t you. But if you have no words? No truth to stop it from going on? It will. Time has its own ways and that is the way. 

Questioning the wrong things in something vulnerable.

Power gained.

Some people believe it is a good thing because then you have a chance to make yourself stronger, where you are recognized to be weak. But the kind of strength that killed you for it, was neither. Made to be stronger.

We can play the game of shifting sides, but it’s like a hamster wheel. No ending and no real change. Not enough light.

Time goes by ― you were after all there at the moment when it called you out for nothing. Like it was something.

Nothing behind crimes goes on for time

Why were you there? It is you just for being there now. Wrong happened because you were there? That’s how time and it becomes, nothing. I wonder if you think at all and you should. 

That is how people get stuck. Situations pass, but our minds get stuck in different times, which didn’t move us right. Where no truth could find us. 

From the heart side

But if we looked for it inside and managed to keep it there anyway. 

We can not fall in all wrong. Because someone else has the need to call it out, for being nothing. We are all too small to be solving problems of the world that way. 

We can blame the world, but that is how it all started anyway. Someone found you and now you got to find someone to do it to. Who is unaware enough, not to see it in you.


In war, it just is ― in all. Me or you. It’s not easy to be at all.

However, every appearance points to you now. If you could have realized what is not pointing at you. In a time when that was impossible. It could have stopped with you.

Then feel to blame until it is gone from you to see it too.

There is a another world surrounding me on Earth

I see the world through colors if I see at all. The colors make me sense reality. And make it somehow comfortable enough to be in this world.

Without colors or our senses, we are just time. Time is everything, but we are not. We have to be something, that we will otherwise not be.

Every human being needs continues to be seen. However, that crosses to become us. For something better to be reflected back at us.

Through what we do, I guess.

Lose it but keep trusting it

If we lose it, we have to start over again, but then we will need it from others first. To spark our way to a different truth. To reach who we are and then we can do. Again.

Not always possible.

So whatever we can learn ahead of our ways into this world. To make us hold on to the things that matter and not lose them. We lose it for this world, but it won’t change the world.

How can we know though?

We can’t unless we know better, are born in better places or are educated enough to learn. The best is inside us if we ever are going to find it outside.

Following Rules?Worlds apart and never the same

A question, for reflection, to think about it. This world is hard, however hard it is. But if we are not, because we can think about it. And doubt is not the doubt of a thought that thinks about it.

It will not catch you and it will not catch you too hard?

The no thought. Which happens to be a heart, with enough guilt never to think about it. Never to change the world and hardly ever be changed by it. Again. The Gaslight Anthem – Rollin’ And Tumblin’

What Four Minutes, a movie can do. Don’t let it be you.

Continuity will fill you with love. Du kan tenke deg å lete etter mat ute. Fy faen asså! (Imagine it be you having to look for food outside and never knowing where to find it. Inside which dumpster looks the best and happy with it!)

Link in Bio.

Why we were there, here or anywhere?

For the future of course.

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