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The lead to war is what we are fighting for. For love and for the love that goes against time

To have faith in differences. What does it mean? We are different people and we don’t die the same.

Or we would dream the same.

It has to do with heartaches first of all and the direction it takes on a personal level, which we are. Connected to time, in order to become free. So we can go between dreams and time. The right way. 

To get there we have to understand heartaches are connected to dreams and dreams are that personal thing that no one else can see for us.

So why is it that we think we know a heartache when we see it? What are we then high on? 

Dreams maybe, but that’s a long way from home.

To think we understand it now if there is no one who feels it. Down here there is only feel. From it, we live or die.

Understood would have made it time and not personal and we would have been killers and not people. 


Because if we don’t see it right there is nothing we can do to help anyway and we don’t have the time for that. 

The best we can do is to know we can not see it and then what we are left with is presence. 

To add our presence, to what is the loss in every heartache. The loss for time down here on earth. 

Most people can hardly see their own loss for worth and the means for it, to hopefully make them be more. Instead, we see what we can not see. But from it someday we will. 

Even wars are the wakers of lost souls. Whatever we look at, at the right time… It will be

But not to make ourselves insignificant to the moments. To the here and now where all love starts in the heart. Yours too, even if you don’t see it. You should. 

There is nothing good and nothing bad to hold on to. But time. 

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