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The truth is what you know because of what you have seen and if you connect it to the depths of beauty…

I saw a movie once where the people in the room were to say what was hidden inside of some lockets. To see who was psychic or something…

I thought it was quite funny. As one of them said: I seeee… a cup, and it wasn’t at all. So much for that guess.

To see beauty in the world there is no ego at the moment. Time does not exist and over time we can learn to live better without it.

When the time comes for it also to exist.


We could say in this world we are unprepared for the times we live in.

Quite insane, when the time comes and it is all it is. Time

As it will come a time and if we don’t know what we are here for. The moment will rather give us time. The chances to lose ourselves in it. For what we didn’t know but time.

For having had too few moments remembering from the depths of the water and as we need, it becomes concrete. Sort of right, because it is wrong.

Time as people will always come to need depth in their lives. It is sort of what life is about. Energy, much deeper than we can be.

It doesn’t come only through creating beauty. It comes from focusing upon things outside of ourselves. Which is the same process that goes into creating beauty.


Focus on something outside ourselves for the right reasons and in it, the focus Is what connects our own heart from the inside. To the world. A paradox time can not do it better. Being time.

It is not what we do it is just that it does us right and therefore it will be whatever comes out of it. More light or sustainable light. Wherever in time, it is not. It adds to that too.

Some people are born just to be and that is what they give to the world.

Why we should take a high time not to criticize or blame something we don’t know. For not being connected to what it is.

Because then we have to do. What life is? But we don’t know but time.

Can we focus on the wrong things? Not really. It will not be in focus and not from something that happens over time.

To know

We know wars can go on for years, but it’s not because of focus. Time was unprepared and it’s way more difficult to focus in war than it is from living.

They say save money when it’s easy. It’s the same thing with creativity because we will come to need it. The heart in it and understood. To understand there is more to it than we know.

To see another life form when we see another person and not time in the times we was unprepared for anyway.

We live in those times to change it with our lives.

And to know more

To come to know more when the time comes with less. When who we are is time and it never should be.

That is time and it takes our life to work for it. Not to forget it, because we don’t know the importance and since no one created the jobs for us. When we know we know.

Insane new jobs

Insane people create their own jobs, who knows what they have seen but so should sane people too. Not to take it so seriously. Their life versus everyone else.

There is a lot of money in war. War does not focus on beauty but on time. It knows we are unprepared, but it never knows why we are.

Writing can be a way of creating space for the heart through the mind. Which might otherwise not be there. In prisons and so on, where truth is the best we can hope for?

To become seen and to become beauty, which in time it couldn’t be.

To write for what? It is just words, but if the words goes between people it has nothing to do with the words themselves.

But what we can learn wasn’t there in the first place, even if we learn it mostly from the part of ourselves but learn to trust it.


The things we become aware of if we do or when we do. Not to learn that it wasn’t there, the heart space. But to learn that it can be. Something else can be along with any time?

Because we are and because we love and we can forget why.

It takes time to make who we are a sustainable thing throughout time. But the time comes with the need for us to be.

As the time we have to learn to not get caught up in our everyday by time. Because in it, we take our own heart for granted as it will always be, but this is time.

Meant to be for other people before we die. In it is our own life.

“Faster than life and I captured It”

What all people want, but as war, we don’t know why and can it not wait? Life can never wait- it is now as we know we have to wait for the wars to pass because we came unprepared.

We don’t have to though, we can do what it takes. Not related to any war in specific.

We don’t prepare to prevent a specific war we come to prevent what life is not for.

We are here because time needs it. Later we might be that time if we couldn’t be there. Because we never learned to care for what time doesn’t already know. The no love from who? Someone who killed who?

Faster than Us

But that is how we can create a better world and be prepared. Connected through our own hearts because we know what life is in energy. Something going back and forth between and never stops. Almost faster than us but that is why we also have time. To capture it or be captured in it.

Truth in the beauty, seen or come to be.

Through focus, it is the life we create and in it, we become aware of the life in us. The thing about love though is, it always takes time. Hopefully, love is that time. When the time comes and we need it.

Life is what war can not be.

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