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I don’t think it captured her spirit, maybe her life or moments in it

Do you have to have seen the movie, to relate to the text here? Maybe, but it is a movie about using protests and hunger strike, to get a point across the ether and how or can we come to terms with the consequences of just that? I don’t think so, but as it is a matter of time. It is also a matter of life. So here’s for thought from a movie.

Without any encouragement to go to the extreme, but to know it demands of us the extreme. Because change is a focus point and a focus point is a light, that will change whatever it focuses upon. 

Sometimes what needs to be in focus, is subtle to us. In a way, we need to become more aware of something, that in subtle ways is requesting our attention and regularly. Like the way, the universe speaks on behalf of time, if it spoke to us. It would be because of who we are.

Who are we in time? and not why are we in time?

In who we are we will find the courage to believe.

A better way for change is to lead by the intent of reaching through to our own intuition. Without being forced by life and the limited time in it. Time is always a limit. Intuition considers all people involved or more so than time and life can on its own, limited terms. Which in this movie of course it doesn’t, but the faith in itself to be present.

Still, it is time, and the need for more time to become aware of the dying is also there. If someone isn’t willing to die for something, time will never change for the better? Maybe, for the time being. 

Running boy in Woods for love

The reason we have people sensitive to the Vibe? ― the pitfalls of time and not in time to be rescued and to live, while it is still their time as well. 

Or is it the reason we have to use them? Because we do not live in a time optimized based on also using our intuition? As the new survival skill, let’s call it. To include.

It should scare you more than death?

I wouldn’t say it was a movie, but if I said it was life. Would I then be a superficial gig on my own terms or would I then be depressed and too grounded in reality for the time being?

Not to let my dreams fly, because over time the room closes for me to be but time.

As is the trace of the good, but leading us to nowhere in our own time. Be good, by all means, or do whatever time demands you to do. For a hell of a good time? Are you ready for a good time? Then don’t be?

Find the Balance

To understand human strength and prison life. No matter what it might make of us. 

For the world to see the monsters without human rights or monsters who have given away their human rights. 

As we enter the prisons we are bound to die in its action over time. We can call it a choice. We have entered the places of death as we are all in prison to die. Where the world has lost to see hope in the life of everyone. Prison is the life unseen, outside of the prison cells, as well as inside. A mirror of time. Almost invisible for any change- almost for no change for all times to come. 

Unseen from both sides as long as it remains, the same. In prison to die and thereby worth it or the most worth it, in it?. We die for the life unseen as we enter the prisons to make it visible. Impossible, but we die, for time to evolve. Not for us to feel it though? but to be it. 

Love and time are not the same?

The sight of my mom and I wanted to live

but there was nothing to go back to

then the evil ways to change it

Just prisoners and we changed it, but not given the name for it, being what it was. For changes needed now and therefore political. 

For the betterment of human conditions. 

All why we do it? through at least the feel of the time, and none of us are really monsters? but from the evolution of time (DNA) within us and where we are from. To where and when we go? 

And it was.


Dreams to fly, the way out of the time it was possible to fly with it.

At the time and what we did to make it happen. Where no words or time could have changed it better and faster? For human rights. 

In a time watching for the world to die. 

Without human rights. 

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