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Impossible to see it now?

What is the worse time that ever happened to you? I only ask of you, not everything, but to be ready when it happens again. 

I mean if it is not totally in your own awareness., not really why it happened, but why you died with it. For it will give you the truth in it ― the light. To keep going. We are in time and that is it ― we can make good use of anything. If you want to. See it from within your heart and that is the path towards outer space and in the end your death.

Meanwhile, you are here to better lives, including your own. 

I know we lose ourselves in it and we can hardly help anyone unless we stand to know what good we can do or are capable of doing if we could.

If it isn’t a sure thing ― we are here to do good. War will have to be the differentiator. Not what we need, but we need to be sure, of the good in this world and in ourselves. 

When it comes to repeat and you think you can’t take anymore. Look for the truth. 

You were alone and nothing could have changed that. Later either, but you

By truth, it will be given to you ― the path to follow

For the mind, it might be hard but for the heart, it is possible. When nothing is easy. The heart is the doorway through and to the world.

A reflection as a doorway as a sparkle, we can remember life by

as we can see through time

But also what we need to forget by the hands of death

To shot the door

To shot down all doors in no truth

Keep remembering though, however, it feels the same as dying

For now

and why

Repeated after yourself or someone else

From time repeated we either die or live with a better understanding

From something long forgotten to put us in the dryer again unaware

and to spit us out somewhere at the right time

If we can see the light and we hardly will from the pain in hitting the ground

What time is it for change? Good or bad?

So it is said 

to always be a time

for change

When it comes it requires awareness of what dies

To have or find the answer never found before

If only to ourselves

from what we died

we will no more

Tell a story from your journaling soul made up of your new distance and awareness of the pain that made it possible to become aware

Tell one more than you and good is done

Time will hold it against you what you should not

Because life is progress and no time can make up for death

After all, life is what prevents

In time we all need to learn to believe more in life than death

And if we don’t we are leaning towards the death in it

Which all times aligns with history. Bad or good but never who

it happened to

become harder for nothing


Don’t take it so personally

To be the dead of time

They say it with a smile

You can smile too ― can’t you? Aligned with the truth

Bigger than us and who cares right now

If we don’t

Because even if we don’t know what never reached us before it was time to kill us by the hours. We know if it was good or bad

Bigger than us and hopefully not

The hardest times we are bound to go them alone

If we go them at all

It isn’t that anything isn’t possible

It is that we live in the past and the past is now

Not because we want to. No, it is the hands of death

and it requires answers for our own lives

We don’t know

Why it was killing us

because it still is

Ask your heart

For the sake of living (it demands your personal answers, the feeling, and what was in it to go missing)

Even if it tells you to begin with, that it was me, another person, and I, the other person hurt you so very bad

Tell me and I will laugh it off you and kill you, with my bare laughter. I know the trick. I look at you and I see war. It is time and it will let you run for life. Forever is what it means. The time is for me to feel free as I see it now. 

You can blame me all you want, I know no other trick. 

If we died alone we change alone, part of the same shit

If we can’t see it any better, which is our only opportunity

To see it

To find the light between life and death

where it stands with us right now

and live with it

To live

Whatever is livable is life

To stop it and continue with light in particular…

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