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Religion, faith is simply: to honor life. The only solution out of war is religion. 

Self-study is a time where nothingness is being taught.

Do it yourself and connect to the feel of your own growth

The light at the end of my day, to understand the cultural beat out of suicide.

Nothingness is being taught and because it is, we can not determine who will follow the light in it and who will catch the death of it. 

It is not personal, but to where we are at when tragedy hits our understanding of life and however we live and can not continue the same.

Where do we go to change? Sometimes people find no changing places for themselves for decades to come. That is the real tragedy. 

It does not matter what has been if we can change.  In changes our spirit flies ahead of us, to show us the way to where we have not been before. That is life. 

At this point we know we want to change, there is certainty in any crises that will follow the steps ahead. But if there are too many people at the same point of stagnation.

Where stagnation takes the opportunity to take place among us. We stagnate as a culture, thinking ― being this is it. When it shouldn’t be. But from all the others what can we see? But the war. 

That never passed. 

Follow time

There are no places to go in a war. So where do we go? We follow time. Today is our best opportunity ever. To go online. Forget social media, don’t forget you are in a war. In a war, we follow the thin line out of it. No distractions.

You study what you want: life. Until you get more tired of it than the war itself. Which would be fiction and never real, but I don’t need to tell you that. 

To start with here is my compiled list of forgiveness:

Self educated

This list will take some money, but who knows- you might have it and if you don’t you get the point. There is no other way than to keep the faith.

Study whatever interests you out of current reality. We could pay for real education (is there such a thing if it doesn’t consider who we are?) ― and life instead of war. Who we are and life will too be boring as hell at some point. We all walk a thin line between heaven and hell.

We just don’t know it for sure, even though it is obvious. So you never forget reality in reality. Your life is now, so you better make the best shit out of the shit in your time. Recycle. It works. 

 Education is no dream until you come to a point in life where you can emerge it with who you are in particular. We loved you before but we see you now.

That is the aim of any existence, not to be loved, but to make a living out of life. It’s hard waking up, to the pain of not being loved. It isn’t the goal though ― it is the cause of reality. Where time is at.  

List of forgiveness: 

  • Tai Lopez, 67 Steps
  • Mallika Chopra and her 3 books (essentially) for children: Just Feel, Just Breathe, and Just Be You
  • Deepak Chopra, Life After Death
  • You might as well add whatever Eckhart Tolle has on his plate. For you to go into being present with the pain of existence. To find joy in every day apart from what you can not change anyway. From the outside of your own now.


Life will hit you again because that was time and is time ― to take advantage of their own people and not knowing better. You have to and for that, you have to work on it. Yourself. 

You take the pain, it is just time and time knows no other way for too many people. 

Something in return?

If your time right now is to survive. Make a journal. Because in the end all we are, is what we can do because it was our own life in it.

The time you come out of it, someone else might go into it. Where being stuck starts, because there was no other way around it. For them either.

It can come to be on your own list of forgiveness. To get someone else started and seeing things differently and therefore not get stuck in reality and do it before the mind shuts down after whatever reality has on its plate.

We can survive by who we are, but I wouldn’t count on it. You have to go external. External caused the war too. Now is time to cause the good. To begin creating the moments towards feeling better about time and who you are. 

Remember when time goes wrong according to life, the time has seen successes in life and seen success but not time.

We need to see both who we are and time. In every success it takes a certain amount of time, to get to the point it becomes who we are. Success takes no difference in good or bad experiences.

Since there are many stuck in war, external and internal, there will be people who you can come to give benefit from your pain.

It takes time for time to align the truth and eliminate cultures of war, not people ― we have to do it. 

Pain is the thing, and time is what it takes. No matter when the pain point reaches a changing point (success point) and has its transition point. Something in return.

Which is any life’s goal, so you don’t mix it up with the war and that be you. That is not life and you are alive. Be your own success. This is now and this is the best time for it. Whatever you see, see it through. 

See it as you. 

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