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Vet du hva kjærlighet er? Vet du ikke hva kjærlighet er (You Know what love is)?

Love is that little brick that moves you just a little bit further in your life. Something you can take, without all too much fuss around it.

It is something that is good enough.

But how do you get it? When it is in action and connected to a certain belief system? How can you read the world and get it and how can you be it?

That is something ongoing to have no one answer, but many answers. To make it clear in a world that it isn’t clear in. What it is.

This world is good enough, but not from the way we think. It can be a stranger as much as a friend. It can be anyone. If it eagers to make the overall better than it was. Only by it can it be felt or seen.

Love is an easy feeling, it takes a lot to feel it. Sometimes not enough and not good enough. For the time being, but that has nothing to do with love.

Love is always according to who you are, so it will always be in the image that fits you. If it is.

When everything and everyone else will be a too wide concept and never so real.

Think to go beyond

Be from the ground and open to never know. Sometimes there is no hope and still we find hope enough to keep it going. Extraordinary. We find hope in other people based on what we believe.

It might not become truth, but then we did. The most important thing is to find something we believe in doing. Because really no matter what you believe it is the only thing that will.

Faith is imagination and you better take it to your heart as if it was real.

And sometimes you have to change, but faith is your own change. To find a new set of what you can believe.

In a prison in my mind

I will think to go beyond time, but someone did that for me. Jeg baker kaker i fengselet (I bake cookies in a prison)? and get a price for it? Excellent!

Men vet du (but did you know)? There is no garbage to look in. It is all fine- and when the fine place is in a prison.

Following Rules?
Et lite alter også (A small altar as well). Det er jo absurd (That’s absurd?).

Like art.

Still no water. Excellent.

We are so afraid (of death) we can not trust, that we can not trust (live).

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