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Not because he has a purpose but because it is so and if it wasn’t he wouldn’t be one

It’s not the confidence of a monkey. Or the purpose of a giraffe- but that’s closer to it.

Confidence of a human is because we have received something and we know it to be true. Confidence makes you not question the wrong things. It makes you not question yourself in spite of everyone else.

It’s not a big thing it’s a small thing. Which will make us able to become who we are and if we don’t, it is because we don’t know much.

Something you believe in because you know.

Between him and you

The main difference is he was open to the truth. Whatever made you not be. You should question that as yourself and not go with it.

People don’t mind killing each other and they might do it in different and more subtle ways. To have the moment. Whatever that is worth? We can do it ourselves. Many people do. Kill themselves.

It’s about winning and losing and if we lose, we are the same anyway.

It’s the cycles we can break through purposes. It’s timeless and has no form, but presence.

I know you see the form, but there is more to it. You might see the time it takes and consider it too far from you, but it’s a positive. To go in the right direction has really no goal and not the form you see it as.

What goes from time, goes from war. Light as a feather and mean in the light of no love.

Too mean for war.

Too much

Too much can happen so you don’t find the feel for it. You get too wrapped up in what it is, whatever shakes the ground. Changes is life but it might be war.

And if we can we can let it go. We believe in war because we don’t believe in change. Every change holds a choice. Even though we might not have the presence to see the world differently than what it is.

To find faith

If we don’t believe we can benefit from those who believe. In time and because we did, it helped change the world. Just like they did and because they believed. It becomes the world we didn’t believe in because we felt it all through the experiences. That kept on forever.


Experience is not who we are. Not if it is negative. Without purpose without the sense of life, it takes. To call it a purpose.

If you felt something really bad done to you because it was and you were a child when it happened. A psychopath becomes a psychopath because he or she is a child when it happens, not to feel.

Because it is too much. It becomes a life if whatever it is happens over and over again until it is done. To become an establishment from a world without purpose. A purpose has wings and this is war.

It is said war can never get enough, but that can be because the world is overflooded by it. The fight. To fight it with something else instead and we might have to dig deeper.

That is extreme, but to know. As we believe psychopaths can change when they really can not. But you can. They are because of whatever was always is. It’s really hard and I believe we should change for them.

It’s really hard.

There is no other way and then we would probably believe in a world without war because we do something about it. That is a thought and you can always find other or better thoughts about it.

Think of it differently, even without the wings of a giraffe, if we can forget the fight because it isn’t now.

We won the war and the war lost.

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