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The logic in awareness is that it is closer to the time before we are born and no one fights that that presence without knowing

Not anyone. If it was something on a regular basis. We could call it an ideal world, but the world as it is. Is already our ideal world.

We just have to figure out how to change into the fiction we think of as an ideal world.

Why? Because we live in fear from the world outside of us, not knowing the inside of it and because we want to.

To want something is never enough unless we also see it as a possibility.

How is world peace a possibility? For many people, it isn’t.

The reason is fear if we look away from what actually goes on around them. From what goes on around them it is almost impossible to break the cycles of fear. According to whatever breaks their hearts.

In that context suicide is an interesting thing. To be in the hands of time. In the context of the whole world.

I don’t think it is possible to take our own lives without having had habitual egoic ways of living. It simply means living according to the world as it is. Without it working for us.

It is also, same as evil, lines of broken heart lines, behind it. We can say never to break hearts, but the paradox of that is how else are we going to break through the ego and change the world? We all live in, which makes it all too big and maybe we can see the price we pay is for nothing and nothing is here too…

Nothing makes life more worth living than not paying that price. It makes you who you are and you know it. The no compromise.

Worth it

The breaking of hearts, is it really the problem? Unless we can no longer change to live from it or we never learned how to do that?

If we want to stop a world of broken hearts to go wrong. We got to start to become aware of the world as it is and not how we want it to be.

With awareness, I think of being in the presence. Why? because it is the closest to the truth we can get and anyone closer to death knows time holds little truth. At least according to their own hearts.

Which is basically the main cause for life or living. Whatever we fight we fight lack of truth.

While we lack the presence to get to it ourselves.

Paradox of fear

A paradox of time but also the paradox of fear though fear is the gateway to wherever we want to go.

To get there we have to go through some kind of fire and we might just call it time.

Where some places are on constant fire and we are too small to find the ways to fight it in time.

Together though we can all be big enough by the seconds of time it takes.


But do we really believe in awareness? To anchor who we are and keep it as a still point within. To rather see the world from there.

If our reflections become mirrors of time from within us, there is less hope because there is more noise than truth. Not to keep it in and not to keep it still.

And then we have the fear we can not use. The same fear all evil actions are born from and by it, we have reasons to fear. It never stops because what is stopping it? The future of an ideal world we don’t believe in anyway?


Instead of breaking hearts, we could put fear into action. That is what fear is. Action.

Action and because of fear we have everything we need to do right if we want to.

But most of all if we believe what we do matters at all. Looking at the time alone is not an answer, but listening to our own fear and we will come to know better. For being closer to the truth.


Of knowing time but more than that to know who we are matters. Fear knows the time, it also knows that whomever who is matters. That’s why it is evil Just unconnected to who it is and seen as time over and over again. Thereby with enough time to fight it.

It has it in the wrong proportions, but it too knows the essence of what time is, comes from who we are. If it comes at all.

The state of no action, the who before we take action and if it is still, we do right. As we have probably heard how “evil” demands at least respect.

Kind of funny but not really. If we understand the being before any action and we look away from all past.

The hope is we know even better than that?

If most of the world were in a “happy awareness” state of mind, the world would not be what it is and we would be surprised as a human race. Probably more surprised by looking at our common past.

Because by the time it never changed evil but it changed the world of evil.

Without a reflection to do wrong we do right.

Your thoughts will protect you and give it all. We don’t fight them, we think them and when the time comes we let go

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