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When life works it will eliminate the differences between us and them, by the way, we feel to see it in them too. 

White girl

I am a white girl growing up, I did not experience the world as black or white. Not in the way, I have heard and hear people being black talk about it. 

Probably because I lived in an almost all-white country at the time. In Norway for the record. Where I can remember people who remember when they first saw the world in different colors.

I remember when I first saw a long-haired boy and people who were overweight. I think it was in Denmark at the time and I must have walked there on foot.

It is probably not the same but what it forms in our minds when a difference is something we don’t know.

We can come to know through changing ourselves or something ― all things we want to know. We can move to another country, gain some weight, cut off some hair and so on. If we move too far though we might never come back…

A childish mind or a valuable time? ― How much value do we need until we can use it?

I was a child in the sense of equality as we are until we wake up to different realities and are told or experience life from a different perspective than we are used to. 

I realize racism as something being caused by hatred and just because I don’t see it that way, doesn’t mean I can say it isn’t so. 

It is because people have been exposed to hate and therefore prone to the feeling of what it means to be infiltrated by it. Over time like if it was a gene for no time can break the vows.

We can talk and talk but we have to eliminate the hate and the question is how?

To do that we have to get to the core of hate, between who and why? 


Why? Because hate is never truly a personal thing from one person to the target it hits (more so we can think of it as a gene in a circumstance).

We can call it a third-person party where those involved don’t know or understand who the party is really for (and with a personal need to forget about now) and sometimes have no clear personal memory of why it is or have to be at all, but that there is nothing to question.

So we follow the feeling of the past ― the party is needed. Because we feel it. We create more of the same bad. 

I think it happens we do so, because of and for the time when time ends up being circumstances. A paradox of the blind (to be for something and go against it anyhow).

If we call it a gene (what repeats the past in no better ways ― in this case), it has to be activated by something. And that something will always be a circumstance. Timely.

Why? Because let’s say you or me, anyone, at all. I don’t think the world works that way, but to use an example in the ways we think the world works for being unchangeable.

That I then have a history of bad genes. It is not me, it is in my genes. Because it is I can not see it somehow and for that, I create the scenes to make it seen ― if life isn’t as good for me personally and or in the eyes of the others. Who will then be black or white people ― whatever whomever side we are on.

It is the same for all people, but history is not.

I don’t see it to do me any good for neither does the world see it now

The scenes will be needed if we can not know or see them ― the other people.


That feeling of war has to protect its own and the goal is to become stronger than we are or protect what we are weakened by time.

It doesn’t mean we are weak as haters. It means we are weak in the sense of life. We can say it is time, as it is but there is no time for life to get real about that fact. It is simply the call for war and not for more ― what everyone wants something. 

We have become blind by who we are and the difference we could make if we weren’t ― but as it turns out it is too hard not to be 

Because it takes time

 Target: The shame that hate can cause in a target is because we don’t understand it (the same reason it is made- not out of understanding and how to live and by it improve lives instead)- why? and if we don’t understand, it becomes who we are, and who that is, is who we are as a target or the hater.

Until it comes a time to get it right.

Between us is where the problem will be solved. 

Who we are by race is not essentially who we are uniquely capable of being. Making a difference in the world, to life (Not to genes of past mistakes), it is required of us to live for ourselves and others.

The sound of the past and its righteous feel might always tell us otherwise

We will always have the others ― people different from us, but it can be the positive others. Racism in itself is inactive to being who we are and therefore negative. Which no others can be unless we are it too. 

Racism is both a black and white problem. 


Who: Because life is the key to all hate, and life is self-related within the circumstances we identify with as being who we are. It is never right but never wrong ― we have to find a way.

Hate: racism

is self-related

in sense of not

liking the way

we live, and we 

are stuck in what 

to do about it

It becomes existential

to us

Internal by what we believe

We have to turn that belief connected

to ourselves (and who we are not)

outwards: to who?

Any other piece of shit will do just as fine?

When we should have done life.

Why racism is still a hard thing: life doesn’t work. 


I wish I could say: life works, which it does as a principle, not always for people. It is obvious, but it is not so sure to us, that it is what doesn’t work, that makes matters worse. When it is about who we are in a war but as it is created from lives not working. The result of many lives at the same time not working for them.

To change the world for the better We have to make sure life works as the biggest uncertainty first of all is life.

In the Future ― we have it all if we can see the Future

For me, it never did

but in the spirit to

make it

If that’s all we got

It is something out of


To say we did

when we do

and lift the spirits of others



Time is something we can overcome because we live to live if it finds us to do so and we never forget that it will make life work now and in the Future. 

We can not lift the spirit of others if we have no spirit to lift it from. No place to call home, when the heart is hopefully temporarily gone and it feels like the heart is breaking into forever. Not to return to something but nothing we can live with and still see the future through.

In a world where we are either haters or targets when we are. Without much to see us through.

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