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Panic is about to take over and I will become fragments of time while I’m gone. Nothing is for real and nothing is me. I stand out forever that is how I feel

From a time without means and I am God. Time doesn’t believe in God anymore. Not in me anyway.

They see the truth in my helplessness, even though I can tie my own shoes. Even though I have none.

So just for a moment, I was right about to move on. I sat by the seaside and what do you say?! Another human? Blind as they come. Nothing I love more.

An opportunity right on time.

I didn’t say much. How could I? I already knew if I hadn’t learned my words would stumble out and kill it all.

The tune.

She said she was going to an art class and she would love it if I would come too?

What other choices did I have? If that was what she was doing. That was what I was doing.

I told no one about it. I wouldn’t look like I had lost my mind, I still had time. To whom I had none anyway, not a right mind and you can guess the noise. You! In an art class!?

It’s true though. My life wasn’t about that.

I was more like one of those lost cases. They find by the side of the roads. Dead and no one would know who and not care much.

But to the insignificant. Something that happened in their own lives.

Not that it happened and it was me that lied there. Dead.

Anyway, I wouldn’t know either who that dead person would have been. It wasn’t me.

Because I can remember at least one time. I made a hell of a mess and everyone knew who it was!

I don’t care much for all, but I care about people. It has never proven me right though.

So as I was just about to move on.

“That was us or isn’t that what they say?”

Art Class

Here I was in time for art.

They painted and drew something and called it something and it made me laugh. What the hell and who are they?

I found something already made. Some Christmas bells, which I called “Love”.

They were manufactured in Hong Kong and had once been a gift to me. At the time I hadn’t cared much for them.

They still looked quite awful, but they seemed to fit right in the room here.

I don’t stand out.

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