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… and as it kills it tells us, it is still alive and through us by what? it was not? and now it has not enough truth to live with what?

Written from the other side, so you don’t get it wrong thinking I will ever be gone and it will never hit you if I was there with you now, and you were not. Totally present to reality.

– The man with no Name who calls himself

I will because I am.

I write this from the other side because I wouldn’t know it the same way if I were still alive. I can tell you from being concrete dead and you might be lucky I am.

Because I am dead you should know it is not from pity I tell you, but the part of me that lives in all. In all of us. If there was we in time and we were together about life on earth. What isn’t too easy down there, I got that part.

My spirit wasn’t down there with me when it was my time to live. I don’t know what I am doing up here, but I am up here like I was down there. Alive I guess… for nothing.

I think it is the spirit in my knowledge by experience that demands me to tell you about my life as one of the people, who once lived on earth. The worse of your kind and how it all aligns.

Aligned truth


No life story to put in here, no what happened to cause it. It is certainly not what you think it is. I am the worse of your kind and so are you.

My mind can kill you from here too. The funny thing about it for me because ― I’m not totally dead from my past.

The spirit is twisted, it let me have mine in return for giving this to you? I hope you don’t think I care because I don’t. It’s my spirit and I don’t know even what that is ― nothing I guess. From what I know it is probably something to you.

I can’t kill you for real, but I can still see you as I did. The funny thing and you should learn to know what it is about because- legends never die. You have it all wrong. Death is forever- not life. Who we are, not what. What, is from the good life and this is not. Like the great.

What matters? Man Hatter?

I am not Hitler, but he too is still alive (in our minds) to also tell you the same. You matter and living matter. So do I and so did he, but in time and in time to tell you. Like a piece of art for another time.

The difference I know is because I came to know through my own life and the people in it. Life does not matter and death is all. It was hard, then it became easy.

Easy as in the spirit to be alive as God I suppose ― to survive. From knowing we never did. To I love every moment I create to live in your eyes.

In life, we can be strong or weak, but death always is the strength in any life. However, it comes across for us to see it or not. You take that and don’t let me kill you. Please. It is who I am because of my life and you can change yours. If you take the time. Connect your heart in creative ways.

I am

I am an idiot and I will always be ― it is creative for me to know but from the mind center of it all ― to be the difference. I act creative ― as if it was my life in the future. I have no future it is just a matter of my time and I love it. I hope it never ends.

Why? and here comes why. You have heard it before, but you don’t get it. Neither did I. Listen again because it will always be the same. Whomever I am or you are. It is time.

Whatever we can feel we can change, for me it is a lost game.

(different from the things not to change and still it is done because we still feel now as nothing but the past. Those are the things I don’t know personally but have seen differently from who I am ― those who are easy for me to use).

The only time I can feel is when I kill ― to live. I feel it then but I never feel it enough.

I have no control I control

Why there is nothing you can do to stop me. But of course, give me space and comfort in other ways. My life never does it, until it does it for me. Then I have to relate to getting life as I want it. All I want is to live though.

In reality, I don’t relate. I am not a monster unless it is required of me to be what I can never be. It begins the moment I feel it.

So where was the story?

I am what I am from being not wanted. When my eyes first opened, I was seen as no contribution to life, but a taker. Which meant I wouldn’t come to add a thing in anyone’s life. Because the life I was born into needed help and I was the baby.

By truth, I couldn’t help where help was needed. So I was no contribution to the facts in my life.

That’s how and that’s why.

I was an early asshole to the written facts of who and what we are. I thought I was born that way, but I lived up to the phrase: Not wanted.

A circle that creates itself, by self-fulfilling actions, to back it up. Not to let it be so hard, to know the truth. As nothing would have changed time for me, in my life. So it was just me and what I could do to others. I did what I could control, with the power not to know.

I am not wanted.

You can change something like that, for people like me, by replacing it with the right actions. It might never reach the doer ― going through the heart of us. In this case, I but we can learn to do right by you, given the right frames. For something in return, but then not your life.

Make sure the doer, I, has what is needed for a human. Apart from what you get from relating and being part of changing the world together- whatever it means to you. Through giving and receiving something in return, as in we do. In my case is not the same.

Comfort is enough for me or all.

My life was not wanted. I don’t hesitate to kill, from what is inside me, to show you. What you can not see anyway. It doesn’t matter and you will.

See there is no change

It’s my only gift. Hell on you. I could say you too, but I don’t matter to me either. In my equation, it is only you. My thrill is in it- because I am mnhij

alive, from my own reality. The I in me I don’t know about and the reasons why I am. But now it is only you, no we. Like it is me and I am timeless.




We are unwanted by actions and never by truth. Live and if I kill you, it is because I didn’t.

Because you don’t live. Don’t underestimate the power of life. When death hits us by the experience, from the wanting to kill.

It is because someone sees to be aware of the death in our lives by time. Whatever it is about. It isn’t worth it and life has to be.

My worth is beyond time, not set by time. Now set by me. Time had only one lesson for me in that I was worthless. I got it. So will you. Know what it matters to live and not kill.

Until you do I kill. It’s not a treat ― it’s a feel (and therefore a warning).

Either you are on the good side of life or the bad. From the good side, we need to know there is another side to life. Awareness is never a killer. On the bad side, we need to learn there is a good way of doing things.

We have all the tools to know right from wrong, life from death. But we lack the knowledge to link good and bad together as a clear thing.

Today, you are only good and I am only bad. If we ever meet, it would not be good.

We see no truth between good and bad, so why should we be given the simplicity of life and keep it. Like it is for granted, but for us. The knowledge is to know and not use it?

The tools to come to know the truth in time are all we need in life. To go there in our own time for life. Before we have to and life depends on it.

Apart from me ― it is too late for me, to give it life, for now. So don’t you go up in dreams thinking I can change for you.

I am me and this was my life. Hopefully not for all time forward. I am the waste of time. From up here, I can see it is the worse kind of being to be, from the inside. What you see from the outside and so did I. See it in you.

I can never feel it, it is just the truth for useful better times in purpose by the heart, I don’t feel, but in spirit to you.

For your own heart and time, don’t call me boring because I kill what I can not feel. I neither want your life. I killed for my own and I don’t know what for.

Me as a young boy

To give life a start, I never had and to think it isn’t needed. We can change, but it is harder when we are changed first. To never break heart in the first place. Unprepared and too fast and you know the life of cleaning out a room and leave it empty inside.

Sometimes for life.

P.S. Now as I have given this to you, for no sense at all to me.

I just received the spirit in it though, to know what it is. Through the simple distance and awareness writing, it is. I wish I never got it.

The truth makes me sad ― I am no less than you. But if I was down there now you would have to pay for it. I can not know.

Because that is how everything goes wrong in life gone wrong. At least according to who I am.

Instead, I will give you this song, which will make no sense to you. But since the spirit has caught me trapped. I don’t think anyone should be so sad. I feel me soon to disappear… I was never sad, but now I know. We are the same and the difference was life.

For neither you had any dreams

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