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Her name was big as the eyes that called her Fearless.

Fearless she chased the world as she could. Do good.

It was the fearless in her. Beyond time. For believing in what she saw.

Until the world didn’t believe in her.

Temporary she was sick, not unaffected by the world, but temporary out of order.

She felt something new. Creeping up as time and it made her sick. Disbelief. Thoughts without love connected to them. No action but lazy thoughts.

She couldn’t do much. What she saw.

And from all her fearless. It made her sick.

In a world of Dreams

A world we don’t believe in, to give it the time it needs to heal itself. For it ever will.

If there is no room for sickness, how can we think there is room for stillness?

What we need.

To readjust to what we see. So we can be the time. To do even more.

But instead, we can only do less. For we are less. In the eyes of time.

Fearful. Right now.

For good reasons though. We have learned what the world can be like, but we have not learned where that girl came from.

What made her do better than the world that thought her otherwise. By that time we can change everything and everyone, but we better learn to think about it.

In memory, she will live forever and the rest of it will die. Just as her time was worth it. For fearless in chasing the love. What she saw.

When she was still here to see it. In a glimpse of it all and the dreams, we live in.

To hold and not to have.

About Mother Teresa and
the Truth
Who we are

In glimpses of it all and to the dreams we are here now

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