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From images, I can see the space where time use to be all and there is another world I see

None of us are any better, we just react to the wrong in time in different ways. Where we shouldn’t let it get to us?

Not be pushed by time but something else, that time itself can not add to life. And the sense of us being mainly here to live and the crazy in it when we can’t.

Life pushes life hopefully in the right direction.

Whatever breaks the heart, unless we have a fast understanding, will have to spend time to reconnect the lines that break between the world and who we are.


Maybe we are gone for a while. Maybe we can let it go and if we can’t. Time will be felt like a drag that never ends because time isn’t the changing part. It is almost the same from life to death. With only small changes, we consider big or small.

But the point is to reconnect. Whatever was lost was always lost. Not to let the feelings drag on forever. There is no greater illusion than time.

The only way to change lost hope is to be that which we are not.

Be the hope in a world not good enough for what we lost.

Use our time and hopefully not die in it. To listen to the wind that blows from the inside until it is still. What once was a wind now is hope and nothing was ever lost.

At least not through love even though our hearts will never be the same.

Our time will not.

To find time to be somewhere where we can live with the changes. Without having all of the everyday reminders to never feel beyond time. That time can never mend and there is no way.

What breaks it, never heals it but the part of the time, where all things are the same. And so we are. Reconnected through time but not through the feel.

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Safe and sound from Time Images where the heart is in it and Love is On

Whatever love is and the mind reconnects beyond time.

Whatever time was we are not and we no longer see the way we don’t need it to be.

But that we are from the way back and there is a way.

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