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What is life? Life is the right action and time is all we have for that. The right actions according to who? You.

The addict

If I were an addict to anything in this world, I might call it the right action. It might even be after what I’m trying to do. Which is to connect who I am to this word.

In a world where I don’t know who I am.

I have found no other action for it. So I don’t know life, not from the side of love and truth. But not because I am not.

Forget and Remember

The right things for the right people at the right time. By it we can easily get as the time we have a long way to go it together. But one by one.

What does it mean though? Whatever I do can not make me forget who I am.

When I am not. And when and if I need it. The love that makes me forget. purely through what I can do and because I happen to believe in it. Time though might have brought me closer to my own death. Then I can survive the times.

I feel addiction is my thing for in it I am and I don’t have to be

You see in the time we have to fight to be. It just is that way, at least for today… I don’t know why it is. But if who you are is not that fight, you still have to fight.

Maybe it will always be because time is time. Because of death and so on.

Whatever else I do that has not me in it, is not who I am. They say it is only a breath away, but I have been to war and it never was.

Until I got sober.

I never got it then either. That who I am is not about me. It is because it is not about me and therefore I am free to be who I am.

Like in a dream and also in the dream where my addiction is my only lead. But that is the feel and not the action. It is not wrong, it is just not right.

Before we become through action. Before we die, before we learn it was all about love. About us.


Maybe you don’t get it? Why not sober up and just get it? Who needs who and who needs it to be about you.

But we are in order to forget what we don’t need this world to be about. If we only know one way, even though later it too will be part of what this world doesn’t need. It is still time.

The same dynamic as the wars we believe in as we are humans.

We should think about it and take it even further- to our hearts. It’s about time and not people. We can change it but we can not expect changes from not seeing it. For what it is.

In it, we can also find what suicide is. Why? because it relates to action. The right actions in life lead to life. Better or stronger from who we are if not from time.

It is all about that. Life. If we don’t find it in time, we might find we have wasted time. Most everyone in this time has wasted time. It is part of the time.

But it doesn’t have to be extreme.

Over time who I am now will later be useless to who I am if it wasn’t me. I wake up to my own death by time and take my own life instead. It’s just what people do. I don’t know why. For how can I be from truth and love and forget the time that was not me.

“To Me”


In time we have made it almost impossible. We see wrong as part of the future and not the part of something else. Never just a breath away.

We could even say as the time we are the disconnected from who we are.

That is the time we have to fight for and not something we should aim to be. It’s not easy at all, for sometimes it is just easier. Easier can be a way but it is not the same as a path.

If I do it after or before I become the dead of time. Who I am makes me happy. Only then can I forget the meanness of this world. For it being a story and not a memory.

For life and not for death. For the death, we don’t want to be and the times we don’t need and wishes for all time it could have been undone.

That is the fight if we believe in it, still. From love and truth in the being.

We are here with our lives.

Every day, if we only see the same dawn or the same sunrise or the same sky to blossom. Which would make us insane. If for the while we can be.

Love and truth and the naked we have to be about it, without the times being for us. In the end, we are it for all times. We are the same and only time changes who we are. In the hope, we don’t let it.

Take our time for free.

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