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Art the love and the paradox of time

It is not what we know but what we don’t know. Time and love are neutrals.

I paint the war and it is the love we didn’t know. I go to war and in it is the time we didn’t know. Time is reality and love is war.

I don’t remember what the other time was about, but you should… We should remember something in it, we forget.

In every war, we are at the same time. We have time in common and both sides speak from the voices of their own people.

A core?

At the core, behind it all, both sides have one common agreement which the war is about to solve. Through love- what no one else sees.

Maybe it’s death. We see time and we should get over it- to see life. Not to become that of war in another time.

Through war, we acknowledge that times are hard, but we didn’t know it was that hard? We get to the core and we have to take it as part of our own life. But if we forget as the lead to war is ignorance.


I know it’s your own people, but outside of landlines, it is even bigger than any people can ever make it seen- or not seen. We are different people. To find the reasons outside better to take the blame for it. When it fits the frame and it’s here, where we don’t need it not to be.

War becomes the hope we change it from somewhere else. For lives worth living after all.

If we can forget time and love. Sometimes we can.

War tells the story of its people. Times are hard and love is nothing here.


Time is like life, it just won’t sit still. I tried. I put on him a dress suit and said please. Time does not understand war and that it got to stop.

Please? it’s not love, is it.

No, it’s not. It’s time. He was quite intelligent with his words. To him, I was just a cloud, in which I was. Nothing that could change time, he said or he didn’t have to. I didn’t move him.

What moved him was what plain time was. Therefore he was a trusted man. To speak for his people and his time. Something harder than I would know it to be.

He let me go as he saw no war in me.

To know thyself

Pure time is evil.

To know evil is to know time as thyself.

But it’s not who we are.

We will always be time? But the time for war? Maybe…

There is a thing about war and it is the thing of generations. Why not kill children and civilians in a war. Why is that so much worse than killing everyone else?

When they happen to be related. Will the time change drastically before the time they grow and if they live with the hate of losing their family and neither find life otherwise? Because times are still hard.

To not find a better life in it or from it.

Reason to relate more to the side of love and not so much to time. It’s only a matter of time before any tables turn. From anywhere in the world. Time or love.

But what it takes no one knows

But it would be easy if everyone knew.

The foreigner

Then less wouldn’t mean anything to you as a foreigner in my country and we could still have time.

In my land where less is no longer more and God I don’t know what he is for. He is my repeatedly daily routine. My sanity but everything else here is a game for life.

I am worthless and whether I go to war or not I still am. So I don’t mind working for those more intelligent than me- at least they know. And to them I become useful. Which not many people are.

It was not God that lead me here, but that’s how I remember it.

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