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We don’t recover from broken hearts All we have is a dream or a life or both if we have at all 

To dream up what doesn’t exist, but somewhere it already exists and we can only give it time. If we love it will reach us through the point of being.

There is no point in time to say when we can dream or when we can not dream. Which essentially means to love.

The wrong time is often the best time. Or time itself is just made for dreams.

It means you have faith in them and even if it should go all wrong, you were willing to fall off your horse and maybe even further.

And of course, get back up again.

Dreams love that.

We might not.

It makes us not look good and is the time easy to give up on what we believe in, in exchange for who we think we are.

It can well be good enough, but time is made for dreams. For people to be happy about it all. They become hopeful where there is no hope. Like if they were not right at all.

It is such a hard ground you know, and without them, it will always be.

We want more love in this world, for everyone. But love is not of this world. It connects and aligns with what is most similar to itself in time.

Love is what connects to time going through our hearts and we can become from whatever it makes us dream.

We are not the love and we are not the dreams but it is, and if it is we are.

While sometimes we see only time. As an example we can look at a painting and see only the painting, while other times we can see ourselves in it.

It isn’t because of the painting, it is because it is. It’s love and we are too.

A part of everything. I don’t know if it is the love people fight when they fight. Not wanting to be a part of everything?

Love works best not hung up on the details, time can’t fix anyway.


But love is more of a dream. For so it can end up more like a paradox to time and therefore we can be too far from it in this world. When the time comes and it is actually what we need the most. Love.

To go beyond or feel beyond anything in time. We might have to wait or we are already dead. If we are not we can wait. The while it takes for death made us, disconnected from time and people. Until it connects us again.

It is out of our control.

That is time and it might be time for a healing process, and time needs that. Sometimes we can be it. More in silence than in life. For a while.

Other times we don’t connect again and we die for the way It feels. Which is also time.

To Live

What we can or can not do in this life, can only be from our own heart. There is no right or wrong. There is only love and there is only people.

It would be possible to connect again though. Maybe in the future we will have a system for it. But for now people live from death of their loved one’s today. They live as it was their purpose in life and it makes them brave.

I don’t think they would say so, but it might be like people who take care of others and they look not at all like they are living their dreams. But in a way it is, because it’s life. Or time and there was no other way.

Like war. It was part of the times and at the time there was no other choice, than being worn out from it.

Nothing that feels good, but people do it all the time and it moves the world if not them.

We might or we probably should connect closer to the purpose in what we do as our everyday. Not to let it take over and disconnect us from the unconscious moments time will take. As we can not see it as a dream.

Because we can not feel it and neither will time, but if we don’t, it sort of is what breaks both time and love.


And we already do it. What dreams are made of. If we love, even the things we do not love and we saw them too.

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