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Without a sense of self, we are evil or just drifters

The most we know about a psychopath is that he or she is without empathy. Then what is the personal need for it? Whatever it has been, might have passed with time? let’s say. 

If we could spot them and have places for them, like open prison cells, sort of. Give them what they need, the comfort of life within frames. If it serves them, they don’t mind and it is great. In return for saving lives.

Not to make up for the past, but to say that it is now. Not to ignore the fact that death is coming for us all. In the future and let us not decide when. For the most part.

Instead of fearing them and not without knowing them. I’m not saying I do or that I hold any truth for you or them, but to know in terms of wanting to know. Learning what can be known from today. Not as my truth or science to you. It is a hope, to see a different future, which isn’t now.

I know it is possible, but we all know possible is really hard.

For odd reasons, maybe we are born to pursue what is not an integrated part of society and this is what I see. Love, war, and psychopathy going through art and time.

Purple if you’re going for happiness ― you have to see the others

Think about what you see and how you can change it ― would be through how you see it? How can something that isn’t be integrated? Isn’t that key, to make any change? To make it happen we have to become aware of what we see when we see. There will be something trying to reach through to our minds.

Our own happiness depends on it and will otherwise fade into the background of everyone else. Thinking nothing matters and nothing is worth it.

Suicide for example is neither an integrated thing. There is too much darkness to consume for any human being in it. To have an easy time with it.

We could say it is a paradox of why it exists. How something is not seen in a society will be reflected upon the ones it concerns. To add more darkness but also as darkness is the transformation of any light changing energy.

Though is a paradox we have so much information and we should know better about the human heart. Then what we do today.

It is easy to say, but I believe it is harder not to say anything.

I still remember if you talk about any form in direction of empathy towards psychopathy ― it is a really bad thing, but it is. Either we can talk about it or not. Empathy means you have to connect to something that can understand from some point.

Why? Because in my experience it is all the same ― through how people see the world and believe there should be more versions of the world.

Then people fitting right into a box. It takes only time and we would all fit in whatever box would be at the end of the time it would take us to fit right in.

We don’t need a worthy cause, we need a personal cause. First of all, it doesn’t matter if it matters to others or not. Does anything matter anyway? Do you have to convince anyone? Convince yourself first.

It is hard to find or see what does matter in a billion-dollar world full of people surfing the internet. You have to take it down and get to know your own world. Your own heart. It will always be what comes in your own way. However, you are prone to see the world.

Maybe it is all about showing our hearts? Then get to know your heart.

In the art of it all are people

I must have fallen off the moon wanting to be a grump

In the movies, I want to be the cool guy ― life experience and all. Somehow is your mind already gone looking to be it ― its almost too easy

From light to dark, maybe you are light and easy and think you should be more in-depth, not to be so much of an idiot in play.

I think the world needs light and easy. Not more than anything else, but if that’s what you are. Why the need to be anything else? Find the topics and the people different from you and you will anyway.

That’s why we have information.

Love was the one topic for me. I was gonna write a book about love in a moment of truth. With a sense of not knowing what content it would be about. Love is big.

I also believed I was too light and easy for it or for anything for that matter. It made me go down a darker path, to get what I wanted. My mind always walks ahead of me.

Now to say that you don’t need it. Who we are is the best we can do. If we take the time to be it.

If you are more on the darker side of what others can benefit from understanding. Because the world gave it to you, not necessarily by your choice in the matter.

Then you might already know, to rather look for the reasons it is worth stepping up, in a world that you know kills for it not to do so. It is legit ― is it worth it? and it might not be. Even if it is it might not be the right time.

But if you keep it as close to your own heart as you can know it. You will always be it and it will talk for something as well. We don’t have to parade the truth. There might or might not be better ways.

People love people, who or what do you love? It is always the most we will come to know about anything, worth knowing.

I went darker because of what I saw or because I never get it, the light or it was just the message I got, from the darkness. Not read at all what’s behind, but to be equal something in the understanding of life. We can get that we don’t understand something or believe we don’t.

What are the light and your love worth? No matter how dark we go, it is only light and love to be worth it. We all have it.

The world is or can be a confusing place though. We have all these problems and the ones with the most problems are sometimes all we see. We see problems we can’t solve. Like it matters more, but what do problems need? Light and easy- to prove my point to you. Stay the same or stay who you are, anything else is harder to pretend.

The way back to rather be your way forward

My topic is still love and also no love and I love both as a topic. Knowing it changes the world.

So time

So time for me to head over to war… For the hope, you see your own future in time, as many people did not see it.

 Not as time is now, I get it, as the war goes on. There is not enough room for it. Time is pushing all of us. On all of our limits. Which will trigger the most sensitive to negative changes anyway.

Unless we know better and stand tall ourselves. Brand ourselves and never change that. So we can be what others can learn to trust the changes of life and not the changes to go without.

What stays the same connected heart, will not provoke it to stay the same unconnected part

We can believe it is life, but it isn’t. It isn’t the changes in life that made wrong into the matter. Life is no trigger for the dead. It is that we don’t know who we are and neither does it, which changes and changed everything in reality, for those who got changed by it.

If surrounded by love, great, if not keep the faith

By the wind of shifting emotions, uncontrolled by time and humans.


Don’t call me what I am. A horse. If you want me not to behave like one.

I feel the changes in my face, I am a reptile just about now, what kicks in. In for the win, and left with nothing

But a good time.

Time Hawk

Art was about time, but that is the power of art. Control without control, simply to let free. If only for the moments in people without visions, then for that too. 

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