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Your human Heart is the Spiritual connection through Time and to the life you Love.

The better tool to listen to guide you is what goes through your heart- not to stay there, but to live.

And where do we live? We live as time.

We are the illusion that time is, but time is. What we see and what we don’t see.

To connect to your dreams of this world, it connects through people.

Because between us is the light that shines as time and through us if it can

Silence is the key to the land of spirit and to follow the impulse is what gives us life, as time as love.

It is the love we receive beyond what any time can give us concrete from within.

The impulse to do comes from nowhere. So it seems. But as the time we should learn to know better than that. What comes from within is something we just don’t know why?

But when and where the key to everywhere is love.

Which is kind of what brings us on the right path.

Where in time we can be in too much of a hurry. To get somewhere.

No wonder. Time is really an urgent place for hopes and dreams.

Silence though is the paradox to get us there. In time. Which is just a place right here and now. Faster than anything.

But if we don’t have the time, that is also true. We don’t have the time.

The hardest challenge in any life can be lying still in your own bed when you don’t want to and the world needs you to fall off a cliff. I mean to get up.

I think you should take the challenge- if you get the picture. I’m not saying you can I’m just saying. Time is time. Which is nothing without you. It can lead to great things but it is still a hell of a time. Great things- so can your life change. To be as hard as greatness is, going through whatever it feels like. But if you set the limit. If you set the limit on you.

Tell the world to fuck off until it is not all you hear.

We can go wrong, fall over in our own backyards even from only tiny little rocks. Worse things have happened.

But we know the time, don’t we?

To the point, at a point, we stopped listening and that is when we become stones and as stones, we listen to stones, right? But I have heard over time, even stones can change. Probably the greatest thing I have ever heard.

Stones can change and change into themselves?

So nothing is really a problem? but if we don’t want to live like stones. Several lifetimes to that and we change too? Comfortable in one piece.

Probably because if there is stillness within stones? It can not be the same fast speed. Going between the stones as it can go between humans. Lucky we are humans, right?

So no, we have to put you all together again. Pull yourselves together again. Which probably means break it and rake it. Whatever it takes. But that’s just a song. Part of a song anyway.

The other part is words.

I’m a crazy bitch Some say I am and I say you ought To be

You can get away with a lot in a song, but not as words though. Who knows where the heart is?


The heart connected with silence is faster than any time can be.

You should run to be as still as you can. It’s hard, isn’t it? To be still, when you already feel behind at everything?

But if it is a joke, it is stillness in that too.

Anyway, the point is you don’t have to sit still and be still. It can be a movement too, but that would mean you are already connected. Being who you are and you hear it. The sound of all times, through love and it moves you.

It isn’t hard, but you should think it is by looking at the time.

Remember, dreams take time to be seen as part of this world.

To watch out for the time pushers. Time needs it faster. Who knows why? But we can lose it and for a time never get it anyway.

Every person that comes into your life, will give you a message of love. It comes with all people if it comes through us with love.

And we are lucky if we were still in moments to receive.

Like the arts, the images of stillness are greater than all time can be.

To the enter of lifetimes.

Hopefully not in a cell, but who knows who is there? To tell? To hear but to feel…

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